It’ Dog Fucks up a Hot-Dog


Hot dogs and fried chicken.

Sounds like a tried and tested combo for comfort food goodness (and coronary heart disease)…

Which makes you wonder, where did it all go wrong?

Well to start, $8 for a god-damned hot dog is pretty much highway robbery. Hot dogs are supposed to be something that you eat when you can’t afford actual food.

Not actually food.

Plastic and sadness.

With that in mind, some pretentious assholes (present company included) are willing to fork over more money for more interesting creations involving things like truffles, exotic meats and powdered black rhino horn.

The sad truth is that It’ Dog straddles the line between pretentious designer dog, and the every-day poverty dog and doesn’t meet the requirements of either.

I ordered a Spicy Chicken Dog upon the recommendation of coworkers and was thoroughly disappointed.

The sausage itself is a bit different from other hot dogs in the sense that it has a slightly thicker skin, and has about twice as much salt. The bun looks like a pretzel bun, but is lacking rock salt (which is a good thing) and the chewy texture that you would normally attribute to a pretzel, and instead comes off a bit doughy and stale.

It's not supposed to come with fried garlic..

It’s not supposed to come with fried garlic..

To top it all off, the chicken bits were salty, the mayo was unnoticeable, the lettuce was limp, and the sriracha was… well… sririacha.

Now I’m generally supportive of creative culinary combinations and unorthodox flavors, but it seems like the inspirations for things like the “Peach Shrimp Dog” and “IT’ HOT DOG” (sausage, bulgogoi, shrimp, mushroom, onion, mozza, green onion, sweet wasabi mayo) came from fever dreams after a night of watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

The 8th Circle of Hell.

The 8th Circle of Hell.

The Good

  • Service was fast (seeing as the restaurant was empty due to school being out)
  • 2 TV’s with K-Pop so you get the authentic Korean experience

The Bad

  • The pricing

The Ugly

  • The hot dogs

There’s just not much to be said about a hot-dog joint that can’t actually make a decent tasting hot-dog.

Here’s what you should do with your $10 instead of wasting it at It’ Dog:

  1. Go to Costco
  2. Buy four hot dogs
  3. Buy an ice cream
  4. Eat three of the hot dogs and the ice cream
  5. Contemplate your life, and why you just ate three hot dogs and an ice cream
  6. Go to It’ Dog (bring remaining hot-dog)
  7. Present hot-dog to It’ Dog cooks as a reference point for how a hot dog should fucking taste.


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