Don’t S’wich


For some, sandwiches are an art form.

Care is taken in selecting fine artisanal breads, fresh produce, and choice fillings to create a balanced amalgamation of flavour that transcends the sum of its parts.

This isn’t the case with S’wich.

S’wich is awful.


Maybe not completely awful, but pretty damn bad for what you’re spending and the amount of time and effort expended waiting in line on a hot day.

I ordered the Root Beer Brisket sandwich and was rewarded with a soggy, bland sandwich with room-temperature ingredients.

Nothing like biting into a sandwich that feels like it’s been sitting outside for a few hours.

Doesn't look terrible though

Doesn’t look terrible though

The root beer sounded like an exciting twist on your normal braised meat, but honestly it added nothing and nobody would have noticed it was made with root beer if they weren’t told so. The braise seemed a bit off as well. While the meat was definitely dripping in juice, the braising didn’t seem to soften the beef in the slightest. Regardless of whether this was due to low quality beef or shitty braising, the end effect was the same. The beef tasted like tiny wires of cardboard soaked in juice. The bread is apparently made from scratch, but is an unappetizing combination of spongy and chewy.

Sadly, the common theme of moist and chewy applied to the sandwiches that everyone else ordered as well.

Seriously, who gets "chickpea masala" from a sandwich trailer?

Seriously, who gets “chickpea masala” from a sandwich trailer?

On a slight tangent, one of my greatest (possibly irrational) pet peeves when eating anywhere is when the establishment doesn’t actually have any heating implements.

I peeked inside the S’wich food truck and was somewhat surprised to see that the entire operation comprised of a few coolers, some stainless steel vats and a work surface. Nary a panini press, flat top or even a toaster in sight.

Personally, this cheapens the experience. I mean, you can go to Subway and the smiling immigrants behind the counter will happily toast or (god forbid) microwave your sandwich to your desired temperature. With S’wich, this isn’t even an option. You can have your sandwich at either room temperature or slightly above room temperature, depending on how long they’ve held it for.

It even looks damp.

Mmmm, wet.

The Good

  • No food poisoning!

The Bad

  • Sandwiches were bland, wet and chewy
  • Everything is lukewarm
  • Questionable safety standards in serving room temperature food
  • Lack of options to heat your fucking sandwich
  • Sandwiches are $9

The Ugly

  • I accidentally tipped 20% for some idiot to make me a sandwich…

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