The Next Act (and an amazing local pig farm)


Since I’m still a little bitter about SugarBowl’s shit-tastic eggs benedict and I’m too lazy to make some myself, let’s go out for brunch again.

I stopped by The Next Act while on a bacon procurement trip to the Strathcona Farmers Market.

Side note: There’s this little stand (booth? stall??) that sells the most amazing bacon I have ever had. They’re local, free-range, and use Berkshire pigs (which are a 300 year old breed dating back to the pig herd of the British House of Windsor). Currently, the breed is incredibly rare, but is known for its “juiciness, flavour and tenderness”. It’s priced competitively with supermarket pork and is better in every way imaginable. Oh, and the shoulder steaks are fucking delicious on the grill with just some salt and pepper. If you’re in the area and like pig, check them out.


This delicious fucker.

As you would suspect, The Next Act is half a block away from Whyte Ave and the farmers market, which makes it a great stop after you’re tired from walking down the one interesting street in the entire goddamned city.

The restaurant is pretty unremarkable aside from a few tiny outdoor tables, and the line-up outside before they open.


I should probably cover his face but this picture is pretty good..

Service was decent enough. Orders were taken promptly and food was brought out in under 10 minutes which was quite impressive. The only issue I had was getting my drink refilled but we can chalk that up to a busy restaurant.

We ordered the Eggs Benedict and Huevos Rancheros (rancher’s eggs), which both came with house made hashbrowns.

If I’m being honest, the hashbrowns were mediocre. Hard on the outside, a little bit dry and a bit too salty. Sort of like something you would expect out of a small town breakfast buffet. But hey, at least they weren’t soggy.


Eggs n’ beans n’ salsa n’ guac

The huevos rancheros were pretty good, although just a bit too cold and wet. The eggs were the only thing that was heated, as the beans, tortilla, salsa, guacamole and feta all felt like they came straight out of the refrigerator. Once again, this isn’t entirely a bad thing as the flavours were all there and it would no doubt be refreshing on a really hot day.


Looks a bit plain, but tastes so damn good.

The eggs benedict, however, were absolutely on point. Crisp, toasted and buttered english muffins, perfectly poached eggs, Canadian bacon (still not entirely a fan), and a magnificent zesty hollandaise sauce. I would think there’s close to three tablespoons of butter in the dish, but the tartness of the lemon in the sauce cuts down on the grease, making for an incredibly satisfying yet non-cloying dish.

Not much to say here.

The Next Act knows its eggs.

I have yet to find a place in Edmonton that knows how to properly cook a fucking potato.

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